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SQLphone Runtime as a Service

This guide explains how to run SQLphone Runtime as a Windows service on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008.

1. Setup SQLphone Runtime

You must setup SQLphone Runtime to:

Proceed as follows:

2. Setup Service Application

Download service files:

Control Panel Service Applet:

3. Start the Service

Proceed as follows:

Note: for a logged-in user, there is no visible indication that SQLphone Runtime is running, other than log files being written to. We intend to provide a 'tail' utility so that users can view log progress.

Do not attempt to run SQLphone Runtime from the Windows start menu; it will crash (we are currently are trying to resolve this problem), However, this will not affect the operation of the instance of Runtime that's running as a service.

4. Stop the Service

You must stop the service if you want to make configuration changes or reload new flowcharts.

5. Emergency Stop

If the service cannot be stopped (step 4 above), you can force exit as follows:

6. Uninstall the Service

It's unlikely you'll want to do this.

Last updated September 2009