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Speaking numbers, dates and times

SQLphone has built-in logic to speak numbers/dates/times in English, using fixed pre-recorded words (also called standard prompts).

For example, to speak the number 123, SQLphone speaks 5 words: one-hundred-and-twenty-three

To speak numbers/dates/times in a non-English language, we developed "language plugins"...

About language plugins

A SQLphone language plugin contains grammatical rules about how to speak numbers/dates/times in a particular language, by playing simple words in sequence. For example, to speak 21 in English needs 2 words: twenty-one. To speak 21 in French requires 3 words: twenty-and-one (translated, of course). The grammatical rules about how individual words are chained together in English, is already built-in to SQLphone. Plugins do the same for other languages.

Download a language plugin

A language plugin is a DLL file. We currently have plugins for:

Setup a language plugin

  • SQLphone Designer menu,
    select Prompt > Options  
  • Tick the "Use language plugin" option
  • Browse to the plugin DLL file
  • The plugin changes the flowchart standard prompts
  • Record each standard prompt wave file
  • Plugin setup is now complete